The Writing is on the Wall

by Spaceport Union



You'll sometimes hear us call this song 'Wurly' with much affection. We recorded this at Phase One Studios with the wonderful Michael Jack, producer extraordinaire, this past summer.

Adam, some of you already know this, also plays keys for 'Pigs', the Canadian Pink Floyd tribute, but he had never actually played a real Hammond B3 with Leslie speaker until this recording session (he uses a much more portable, Nord C1 for Pigs shows). It was something to see as he just killed it on the B3!! Amazing stuff! He also did all of the vocal harmony parts. All 5 main parts -- and then did them again to double them up.

Now what's cool about that is that he did one demo at home and then as far as we ever heard, never practiced it other than in his head, until we got to the studio - whereupon he nailed all 10 tracks in a matter of minutes. Ah, the joys of perfect pitch! :-) His influence for the chorus and bridge? None other than the mighty Michael McDonald and Steely Dan. See if you can hear the influences there!

This is the first track we're releasing for our fans from our upcoming DEBUT full-length album. Happy Valentine's Day to our fans! Hope you enjoy this song as much as we do.

Much love
Spaceport Union


There's a danger
that I see in your eyes
Will we ever get wise to these old hearts?

Now you say you're leaving
You don't even try to explain
I just don't know what we'll gain
if we never talk

I could have listened more
You could have left an open door
Can see this freight train from a million miles away

Oh honey yeah
The writing is on the wall

I get a feeling
when things don't seem to align
Are we ignoring the signs
that we're near the end?

I've been dreaming
we could both make a change
we could turn back the page
take it to the start

You give me vertigo
Cracks in these walls never seem to show
Can we find our way back to our island in the sun?

Oh honey yeah
The writing is on the wall

How can I ever carry on?
I can make a change after all


released February 14, 2012
Produced by Michael Jack
Recorded by Michael Jack @ Phase One Audio Group
and Dynamic Drive Studios, Toronto, Ont.
Phase One assistant: Mike Ho.
All songs edited and mixed by Michael Jack @ the Radio Room, Barrie, Ont.



all rights reserved


Spaceport Union

Pink Floydesque sounds drifting through the atmosphere, blending their sound waves with Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, My Morning Jacket and Kate Bush, twirling the sound around Phish and early 70s Zeppelin, then hurtling the melded sonic vibration through a black hole at the speed of light until it returns as a unique and utterly heartfelt explosion of progressive, EPIC art rock. ... more


  • Aug 22
    Thunder Bay, ON

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